VCE Business Management

In contemporary Australian society, there is a wide variety of business organisations in terms of size, ownership, objectives, resources and location. These organisations are managed by people who establish systems and processes to achieve a range of objectives.


VCE Business Management examines the ways in which people at various levels within a business organisation manage resources to achieve the objectives of the organisation. Students develop an understanding of the complexity, challenges and rewards that come from business management and gain an insight into the various ways resources can be managed in small, medium and large-scale organisations.

The study recognises that there is a range of management theories. In each unit students examine some of these theories and, through exposure to real business scenarios and direct contact with business, compare them with management in practice.


In studying VCE Business Management, students develop knowledge and skills that enhance their confidence and ability to participate effectively, as socially responsible and ethical members of the business community, and as informed citizens, consumers and investors.


The study is made up of four units:

Unit 1: Small business management
Unit 2: Communication and management
Unit 3: Corporate management
Unit 4: Managing people and change