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Year 7 Transition News

Friday, 31 January 2014 Posted in Wallan Life

Year 7 Transition News

Year 7 Transition News

Fabulous, Fun, Fantastic: Year 7's and their First Day at Wallan Secondary College - from Ms Barnes

Year 7 students expressed that they were both nervous and excited to attend their first day at Wallan Secondary College on the 30th of January 2014.

Students were greeted at the beginning of the day by their Home Group teachers and the Year 7 House Leader, Mr Luke Ellis. In an extended Home Group session, students completed 'getting to know you' activities and were taken on a detailed tour of the school. Lockers were issued and tips given on how to stay organised. In an assembly, students were notified of the leadership positions which they can apply for and revved up for the swimming carnival which is on the 20th February.

After a well-deserved break for recess, students eagerly began their classes.
7C student Kristy N, had this to say about her first day at school:

The start of the day was great. I knew most of the teachers and I knew my way around the school because we had an Orientation Day last year. The teachers are all really nice.

I didn't know many students because none of them were from my Primary School but it was still fun, you make new friends really easy because you do lots of activities. At the start of the day I had two friends and now I have five. At lunch time and recess you have so many choices to choose from like play on the oval, basketball or just walk around or sit in the shade.

My timetable is HUGE. We have six sessions a day. The bell is so different to Primary School. It rang to tell you when to go to class and again to tell you when the class had ended. I think I understand it now. The lockers are really tall and deep but the locks are a little bit tricky, at the end of the day I figured out how to do it.

A reminder for Year 7 Parents:

Camp will be running from the 12th February until the 14th February 2014. Camp payments are due this Monday 3rd February.


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