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Resilience and Success

Tuesday, 10 September 2013 Posted in Welfare

How to transform crisis into success

Resilience and Success

At a recent Scripture Union fundraising dinner, I had the privilege of hearing the guest speaker, Sam Cawthorn, speak on resilience and success.

Sam has recently written a book titled 'Bounce Forward', prompted by a major car accident in which he was involved in 2006. Because he had fallen asleep at the wheel, he ran head on into a truck, the combined impact being around 206km per hour. Sam died on the way to hospital but was revived. He was left in a coma for approximately 6 days, lost one of his arms and one leg was shattered. This is now pinned with metal rods and although he was told he would never walk again, after 2 years of rehabilitation he can now walk, but lives with ongoing physical pain and is unable to bend the leg.

Sam talked about the mental resilience he learned and how this journey helped him on to recover and to bounce forward. In 2009 he was awarded young Australian of the year. He is now a leading expert and sort after speaker on resilience and positive psychology. He has the unique ability to transform impossibilities into possible realities.

Sam is married and has three children. He retaught himself to play the guitar despite his above the elbow amputation. He now travels the world as a motivational speaker talking to thousands of people about how to bounce forward in life and to be successful even when challenges arise.

I am sharing this story because we will all have to meet challenges although maybe not quite as dramatic as what Sam went through. Challenges are a constant throughout life and will never go away completely, but how we handle these challenges and the attitude we have towards them will determine how successful we will be in our lives. Will we become bitter or better? Will we rise to the challenge? Will we seek a solution and not just ignore it, hoping it will go away? Challenges help us to grow, to become more resilient and become better and more determined people. Challenges shape us and mould us into who we will become and what we can achieve.

One of the things Sam spoke about was getting connected to our Why! Why are we doing what we are doing? What is our motivation for it?

Don't allow your circumstance to bring you down or determine who you are, where you're going or who you will become. If things do bring you down, and let's face it happens to all of us at times, be determined to pick yourself up again, remind yourself of the Why? and fight the good fight.

If you would like to know more about Sam Cawthorn go to, he is also on Facebook and Twitter.

For any wellbeing concerns of parents or caregivers, please contact either Adrian Hempfing (Wellbeing Officer) or myself and we will assist you as soon as possible.

Ms Gillian Smith - Chaplain
'Life is short, never take it for granted, always treat others with respect and live a life without regrets.'

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