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Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Thursday (5th March) students and staff at the college were treated to a sensational performance of music and dance as part of positive week.
Over one hundred members of the college community gathered at the gym during lunchtime to witness the awesome talents of some of our Pacific Islander students.
Singers Joanne and Ruthie Kaisila from Y12 organised the music program and compared the event- they chose the songs, organised the running order and made sure the band was tight!
On drums we had Anzac Leavai who was certainly on a roll. Twinkling the ivories was Monica Elisala. Laying down the foundations was Karl Pepa on bass, and on guitar we had 'lightning fingers' Shalom Oofou.

The songs chosen for the performance all reflected the theme of positivity, something the college had been promoting all week.
Lucky audience members also witnessed dances that promoted positivity: the multi-cultural dance, the haka, a Samoan cultural dance as well as a dance called 'Who You Are.'
Ruthie Kaisila said 'It was hard getting the songs together because we didn't have much time to practice, but we did it in the end. We wanted to pick songs that were about being positive and to do them in our own style. The dances were about being true to yourself no matter what struggles you go through in life.'

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