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From the Principal - October 2014

Friday, 10 October 2014 Posted in From the Principal's Desk

From the Principal - October 2014

It is with great excitement that I begin my role as the Substantive Principal of Wallan Secondary College. I hope throughout my time with the College I can show a strong, hardworking, hands‐on leadership. It is my intention to inspire our staff to make Wallan Secondary College a better place for all of our students.

As a community; staff, students and parents alike we can work to ensure an orderly and engaging learning environment where our students will be well known, display positive behaviours which are established through positive means and a genuine love of our students for their school. By developing a sense of community I can ensure that you as parents are empowered to assist your young person to strive to achieve wonderful things.

My greatest passion has always been and will continue to be teaching. I will continue to teach in the classroom and share my passion, enthusiasm and love of my teaching methods of Health and Human Development and Food and Technology.

I am excited about the future of Wallan Secondary College and hope that you will continue to contact or visit me at any time, so that we can work together for successful futures and career pathways for our wonderful young people.

My appointment to the Principal role means that we will be advertising state wide for an Assistant Principal. This process takes some time. While this occurs I am pleased to announce that Mr Julian Connors will continue in the Acting Assistant Principal role. Julian has been a wonderful addition to the Principal Class of the College and I thank him for his hard work and dedication to our College.

There have been some staffing changes or extension of short term staff contracts during the term holiday.

  • It has been fantastic for us to extend the contract of Ms Jessica Loraine – Jess has done a wonderful job with her classes and has also become a fully registered VIT teacher; congratulations Jess!

  • Ms Bernadette Balanco has also had her contract extended to the end of the year. We are glad to still be able to have the very cheerful Ms Balanco continue with us through this term.

  • Ms Pat Bakalis has gained an ongoing position at the College. Her knowledge of the VCE English curriculum is of great benefit to our students and her passion of all things English is evident in everything she does. Welcome to Wallan Secondary College on an ongoing basis Pat.

  • It is with some regret that I announce the resignation of our wonderful Principal Class Personal Assistant and Administration Assistant, Ms Heather Sadler. Heather has been with the College since the beginning and has been the driving force behind our performing arts at the College. The staff and students of the College are going to miss Heather greatly. Please be sure to visit Heather at her new venture, The Aspy Café, 32 High Street Lancefield, for a coffee and a catch up. I thank you personally Heather for the assistance that you have provided me while I have been at the College, you are going to be very hard to replace.

  •  Ms Yati Symington, who was only with us for a short time has also resigned from our College to take up other employment. She is replaced by Herawati Tjandra, we are very lucky to have found you Hera.

To our Year 12 class of 2014. I wish you luck in your studies, remind you that we are still here to support you; in the short term for revision purposes and that you are
always part of our College and we are here when you need us. Good luck with your exams, your University, TAFE or employment futures. Whatever you achieve we are proud of you and will miss you.

Finally, to my Year 12 Health and Human Development class, it sadness me to think that I cannot go to D6 and see you all each day. I will miss you and thank you for sharing my passion for all things health.

Sally Lasslett

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