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Amazing Race

Thursday, 11 December 2014

WSC held our version of 'THE AMAZING RACE' today. Students were given a set of clues which then provided a destination. From there they had to complete an activity before being given the next clue. The clues took them all over Wallan to local landmarks including The Old Wallan Library, Police Station, Green Hill Reserve and The War Memorial.

Activities included putting a Xmas tree up blind folded, bobbing for apples, soccer ball juggling, translating morse code and making a paper plane whilst wearing beer googles. 

Whilst some took the race as a challenge with a determination to win, others were happy to spend the day completing activities with friends. Everyone had a great time without the realisation that they had actually been learning measurements, weights, ratios, addition, multiplication, direction, literacy, mapping and comprehension.

It was wonderful to see all our students working together, co-operating and even at times assisting other groups whom were struggling.

Well done to all our students and a big thank you to the teachers and staff whom organised and co-ordinated the event.


Sue 'The Student Services Fairy Godmother' was an answer to one of the clues.

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