Sunday, February 18, 2018

AusVELS provides a single curriculum for levels F-10 that incorporates the Australian Curriculum as it is progressively developed within a framework that reflects particular Victorian priorities and approaches to teaching and learning (F is the abbreviation for 'Foundation' which is now the common term agreed to by all States and Territories to refer to the first level of school for curriculum design purposes). AusVELS has been designed to ensure that schools and teachers are not required to manage two different curriculum and reporting frameworks during the development of the Australian Curriculum.

Strands, Domains and Dimensions

AusVELS is based on the VELS triple-helix structure of three interconnected areas of learning called strands.

The three strands are as follows:

Physical, Personal and Social Learning

Students learn about themselves and their place in society. They learn how to stay healthy and active. Students develop skills in building social relationships and working with others. They take responsibility for their learning, and learn about their rights and responsibilities as global citizens.

Discipline-based Learning

Students learn the knowledge, skills and behaviours in the arts, English, humanities, mathematics, science and other languages.

Interdisciplinary Learning

Students explore different ways of thinking, solving problems and communicating. They learn to use a range of technologies to plan, analyse, evaluate and present their work. Students learn about creativity, design principles and processes.


Domains are distinct bodies of knowledge, skills and behaviours within each strand.

The domains within AusVELS that are drawn from the Australian Curriculum learning areas (English, Mathematics, Science and History) are organised into Content Descriptions and Achievement Standards.

Content descriptions specify what teachers are expected to teach. The Achievement standards describes the quality of learning (the extent of knowledge, the depth of understanding and the sophistication of skills) that would indicate the student is well placed to commence the learning required at the next level of achievement.

Content elaborations are included for these domains. These elaborations are intended to provide additional clarity by way of illustrative examples only. They are not statements of mandatory content.

The other domains within AusVELS that are drawn from the existing Victorian Essential Learning Standards (VELS) are organised into learning focus statements and standards. The standards outline the essential knowledge, skills and behaviours students are expected to demonstrate within each domain. The learning focus statements suggest learning experiences that are based on the standards.

All the domains are written for all students. Advice is provided on how programs can be modified for students with English as an additional language or dialect here and students with special education needs here and here.

Content descriptions/Learning Focus statements and Achievement Standards/Standards for each domain are organised into dimensions. For example, the Arts is a domain organised by the Creating and making and Exploring and responding dimensions.

Source: VCAA AusVELS website