Wallan Secondary College 2019 Uniform Requirements


For Duty of Care and OH&S purposes:
• ear studs or sleepers only are acceptable
• Sleepers must be a standard size – smaller than a 5c piece
• One clear nose study – 1mm in width is acceptable.
• All other facial and body piercings are forbidden.

Students who wear facial/body piercings (not as stated above) to school will automatically receive a lunchtime detention. Repeat offenders and those who do not attend their lunchtime detention will receive an internal suspension.
Students who continually refuse to remove piercings will be sent home with parental consent until they comply.

• Ear spacers, Bolas and any other piercings which are not standard ear sleepers or studs are not permitted. 
• Students should wear a watch (which will need to be removed in design technology subjects due to Duty of Care requirements). Other jewellery, such as bracelets, necklaces, and chokers must not be worn.
• Medi-Alerts are permitted.
• Makeup is not permitted.
• Nails should be short in length for OH&S reasons.
• Non clear nail polish is not permitted.
• One “charity-support” item at a time may be worn e.g. plastic bracelet or pin.

Students will not be allowed to attend classes wearing any jewellery other than that stated above.

Students’ haircuts must be neat and moderate and not be in extreme or exaggerated styles. Marked contrasts of colour, dreadlocks or use of hair products to create large spikes are not considered to be moderate. Students considering colour change must ensure that the colour remains one that occurs naturally. If in doubt, students should consult their Year Level Leader before colouring or styling their hair.

Under no circumstances are visible tattoos or other forms of body art permitted. (Cultural exemptions are available through the Principal)

Students are permitted to wear sunglasses when outdoors as stated in the College Sun Smart – UV Policy. Under no circumstances are sunglasses to be worn indoors.

Uniform can be purchased through PWS: 2/283 Rex Road, Campbellfield, Phone number: 9768 0337