China Study Tour

Our Students and Staff are very excited to be a part of this venture and look forward to the benefits it will bring to all those involved.
WSC Students will be sharing their classes with the students and we are sure from our daily interaction, we will all learn more about each others culture, language and way of life. Hopefully our students will be speaking a few words of Mandarin, will have made close friendships and be eager to explore the world by the time this tour ends.
The students who have joined 8D are Xianhand Gou (Sheldon), Yuchen Wu (Jack), Kaixin Zhang (Kelvin) and 8C are Naxi Liu (Nancy), Ziyu Wu (Queenie), Sihan Li (Ocean), Qinyi Lei (Doris) and Ruiecxun He (Eric). We have two Students joining our Year 11's Hongda Zhou (Vanessa) and Qi Lan (Bicy).
We anticipate that Wallan Secondary College and the wider community will make our guests feel very welcome and their time here a happy and memorable one.