Anzac Day College

LTCOL Rogers gave a very moving tribute to a young soldier under his command in Afghanistan who was sadly killed in action. We thank them both for giving not only their time but also for sharing their life experience with our students. As a College we are fortunate to have such strong, respected, successful and exceptional community members. 
The Year 11 Captains; Lachlan Mozina, Ruby Sommerville, Joey Libreri, Molly Piastri, Iziah Mahinay and Kane Marlow beautifully recited the 'ANZAC Requiem'. Fellow Year 11 Captains Coen Triffet and Blake Jones acted as Flag Bearers.The wreath was laid by our Year 7 Captains Krystal Archer, Lachlan King and Saige McCrow.Thank you also, to our students, who listened quietly and respectfully during the service.